Homeschooling may harm our democracy?

Michael Salmonowicz via The Report Card – True/Slant stirs a hornet’s nest. I don’t feel a need to respond here. You can read it yourself. There are already many retorts (and responses from the author) in the comments section.

While so many K-12 students in the United States struggle academically, and so many schools struggle to increase parent involvement, the idea that some parents are taking full responsibility for their children’s educations should be welcome news. After all, home schooling means that kids get more individual attention from their teacher (see my recent column in GOOD for more on the importance of these one-on-one interactions), and that parents always know how their child is progressing academically. Read more…

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  1. While I can see Mr. Salmonowicz’s points, I don’t know that the situation he sites is so unique to homeschooled kids. Having sent five of my six children to public school, I’ve seen a lot of “regular” kids with similar viewpoints. I have generally found that homeschooled kids are MORE open to debate and to defending their viewpoints, since they tend to have to engage in that more during their lives. Between defending homeschooling and having more demanding instructors (every adult in their lives), homeschooled kids have an edge. I think that democracy might just be saved by homeschooling, not harmed.

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