Short-term Homeschooling: a new trend?

A fascinating story via Psychology Today from the author of a book about her experiences.

Many lifelong homeschoolers will wince at the thought of short-term ventures. For them, homeschooling is a way of life, not a year off. The potential benefits of home education (strong family ties, increased academic achievement) develop gradually over time, and the first year of homeschooling can be especially hard-not an ideal sampling of the complete experience.

Still, for some parents, a year of homeschooling is all we can manage. Whether due to financial constraints, career conflicts, or personal preferences, there are plenty of families who will never homeschool for the long term, but who still want to give a special child one good year. And one good year can make a big difference in a young child’s life, especially when it comes to renewing a love of learning or reducing peer pressure. I’ve written about my year with Julia in a new memoir called Love in a Time of Homeschooling. That book describes the considerations behind any short-term foray into home learning, while exploring the ups and downs of mother-daughter love. Read more…

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