Five Piano-playing homeschooled siblings

Via The Columbus Dispatch

Playing five Steinways in harmony, they create an orchestra of pianos that has topped the charts and introduced young, fickle tastes to classical music.

But only in recent years did the five siblings consider becoming the 5 Browns, a family of musicians that has inspired comparisons to the likes of the von Trapps and Partridges.

Each Brown – Desirae, 30; Deondra, 28; Gregory, 26; Melody, 24; and Ryan, 23 – was trained from age 3 as a piano soloist, eventually studying at New York’s prestigious Juilliard School.

Before signing a record deal in 2004, the Browns had performed together only once, at a piano-team competition in their home state of Utah seven years earlier….

…The Browns tell fans that before their success and fame – appearances on Today, The Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 Minutes II – they were home-schooled, so they could play piano up to six hours daily.

Their parents started them in lessons, hoping that the children would play Christmas carols at family gatherings. While both parents sang, with Mrs. Brown trained in opera, neither played piano. Read more…

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