Goddess Girls: Athena The Brain

12-year-old Athena gets a big surprise – a summons to report to Mount Olympus Academy. She learns she’s a goddess and Zeus is her father. Previously she was living a normal pre-teen life at Triton Junior High. She is whisked off to her new school via Hermes Chariot and gets to see first hand what being a goddess is all about. With classes such as hero-ology, spellology and beautyology, she has a lot to learn. Though she makes quick friends with fellow goddess Aphrodite, she gets off to a bad start with Medusa, making Athena wonder if she has what it takes to fit in.

Even though Athena is a goddess, she faces the same problems any girl her age would have.

Here’s an excerpt where Athena sees her new school for the first time:

With a burst of speed the chariot broke through a fluffy cloud. Up ahead, her new school sprang into view almost like magic. The majestic academy gleamed in the sunlight atop the highest mountain in Greece. Built of polished white stone, it was five stories tall and surrounded on all sides by dozens of Ionic columns. Low-relief friezes were sculpted just below its peaked rooftop. Looks like I’ve traded Pallas for a palace thought Athena. Below in the courtyard, dozens of students were rushing around. Everyone seemed to have someplace to go. These were god boys and goddess girls, she realized. How strange to think that she was one of them. Were they nice? Would they like her? Athena clutched her bag tight.

The authors work their magic and make the story current and enjoyable to read. I loved learning about Athena! I would expect girls who read this would be interested in exploring Greek mythology a little further. Below are some websites to help you dig in deeper. The Goddess Girls continue with the next adventure: Persephone the Phony.

My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of Athena the Brain for this review.

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Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

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