Homeschool Guilt: When A Child Returns to Public School

Another great post from the Psychology Today blog by Laura Brodie, Ph.D.

I’ve already had readers send emails asking why Julia went back to public school for the sixth grade. Why didn’t I continue the homeschooling for the rest of her education?

Some short-term homeschoolers are so happy with the results that they never go back to their old routine. Others like me embark upon homeschooling knowing that it will only be a one-year venture. There are dozens of reasons why homeschooling can be valuable for one year, while not necessarily the best course to embrace permanently. I suspect some of my reasons will ring true in the minds of other parents, while many homeschoolers will shake their heads and feel that I missed out on a great opportunity for Julia. I will brace myself for the comments as I share my reasons below. Read more…

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