Homeschool to Harvard

Wayne Allyn Root (2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee) and Homeschool Dad via Independent Political Report

Dakota has been home-schooled since birth. While other kids spent their school days being indoctrinated to believe competition and winning are unimportant, and that others are to blame for their shortcomings and failures, Dakota was learning the value of work ethic, discipline, sacrifice and personal responsibility. While other kids were becoming experts at partying, Dakota and her dad debated current events at the dinner table. While other kids shopped and gossiped, Dakota was devouring books on science, math, history, literature, politics and business. I often traveled to business events and political speeches with my home-schooled daughter in tow. While other kids came home to empty homes, Dakota’s mom, dad, or both were there every day to share meals and a bedtime kiss and prayer. Despite a crazy schedule of business and politics, I’m proud to report that I’ve missed very few bedtime kisses with my four home-schooled kids. Read more…

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  1. I once emailed Mr. Root to set up an informal interview regarding homeschooling, and he was more than willing to talk with me about issues in education, etc. I’m a certified teacher with 20 years in the classroom as well as teaching private classes. In addition, I’ve been homeschooling my own kids for the past 10 years. He had many good insights regarding issues such as educational trends, balancing family life with a travel-based career, etc. In fact, it was a result of my conversation with him that I petitioned my own employer, Sylvan Learning Centers in the metro-Atlanta area, to offer a new educational program specifically for us in the homeschool community. A whole new curriculum will be offered starting in June of 2010, classes just for homeschoolers, in all different types of content areas. (check if you’re interested in learning more)

    One of the things Mr. Root and I talked about was “staying on top of” your child’s progress, which is what initially prompted me to contact Sylvan to have my children’s academic skills assessed. What many new homeschooling parents may not be aware of are the many private classes offered in their area, geared specifically for homeschooled kids. Unfortunately, many homeschool parents, when faced with the challenge of teaching content areas for which they don’t feel qualified (say high school algebra or chemistry, for example), will reluctantly send their child “back” to public school, even though their homeschool experience was a positive one.

    Parents no longer have to “surrender” their homeschooled children back to the traditional classroom. He predicted during our interview that homeschooling was going to gain in popularity exponentially, as public schools continue to drop the ball. With all the new resources, classes, and homeschool programs (like the one Sylvan just started), there’s more reason than ever to take charge of your children’s education. Well done, Root Family!

  2. Thanks for your comment sylvanhomeschool.

    We are fortunate here (in the Rochester, NY area) to have several options. Besides local Sylvan Centers, there are numerous homeschool support groups which often offer classes led by expert parents in particular subjects. We go to a once-a-week Friday co-op with several such classes. There is also a homeschool enrichment center called “The Training Ground” that offer classes for a fee. I agree some parents don’t know about these options and they aren’t often easy to find.

  3. While Mr. Root has many good points, I hope he did not teach his daughter to refer to herself in both the first and third person within the same paragraph. Maybe with her Harvard education she can help him edit his published materials.

  4. I’m interested in finding out more about how Mr. Root educated his daughter. He must have done a few things right despite the first and third person mishap. Congratulations Wayne on a job well done! I would appreciate any details you would be willing to share. (I’m afraid to write more for fear of being criticized for grammatical errors : )

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