Little Black Ant on Park Street

It’s easy to dismiss the role of a black ant. These small creatures are considered pests by most of us, but if you take an in depth look you’ll find these little guys are really fascinating and have their own complex communities. Little Black Ant on Park Street, a Smithsonian Backyard title, is a nicely illustrated picture book that gives young readers a close-up look at the black ant’s world. It provides a peak underneath the anthill and shows a busy ant city, complete with its many rooms and interconnecting tunnels. It also explains how the ants forage for food and are capable of carrying items that are much larger than they are. And, we learn how a lost ant can use her antennae to find her way back home. The last page of the book provides additional information on black ants and includes a glossary of terms.

This is a great example of a “living” book and brings a piece of nature right to your family room. Its large and colorful illustrations combined with informative text make the Little Black Ant on Park Street a good pick for those looking for interesting and educational nature readers. If you click on the review link you’ll find several more titles in the Smithsonian’s Backyard series (these books have the Smithsonian Institution seal which means they are developed under the direction of curators for the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History). Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of Little Black Ant for this review.

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