Mean Girls and Homeschooling Moms

The latest post from the Psychology Today blog Love in a Time of Homeschooling.

In my last post I started a series on bullying, designed to show how problems with persistent bullies have inspired some families to homeschool for the short term. Katrina Stonoff, author of the Stone Soup book blog, started off by telling the story of her son, James, who experienced the type of bullying faced by many elementary school boys-everything from name-calling and teasing, to being stuffed head first into a trash can. After repeated attempts to remedy the problem, Katrina pulled James out for several months of homeschooling, followed by enrollment in a charter school, and later, another public school.

Today I want to share a more recent tale, from a mother whose daughter faced the sort of middle school bullying depicted in the popular film “Mean Girls.” The mother and daughter in this true story (I’ll call them Beth and Shari), moved to a new town when Shari reached the sixth grade, and during Shari’s first year in middle school, things were fine. Shari felt that she was friends with everybody, and she was happy not to be tied to one social clique. Read more…

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