Unschooling: School’s Out … Forever

There has been a sudden barrage of reports on unschooling in the last 2 days because of an ABC Good Morning America story. Here’s one reaction via ParentDish.

But when unschooling works, Darr-Babson tells ParentDish, it can work magnificently.

“It enables children to focus what they’re interested in,” she says.

A growing number of parents are unschooling their children. ABC News reports there are 56 million American children in traditional schools, with another 1.5 million being homeschooled.

Of those, according to the network, about 10 percent are unschooled.

Unschooling is not homeschooling. In homeschooling, children get the same structure, discipline and curriculum they get at school. They just get it from their parents.

Darr-Babson explains that unschooling has no rules. It is all organic. Read more…

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