Give tax incentives to home-school?

A Letter to the Editor in the Daily Herald (Chicago). Although I doubt anyone will take this writer up on her idea, she has a good point about working to pay for child care so you can work. However, I’d be weary of any government incentive for homeschooling. It always comes with strings attached.

Look at the financial mess the schools are in now. Parents go to work to pay into the school system, so the school system can watch over and try to educate the children while parents work feverishly to pay into the school system.

The teachers feel they deserve more and more of the taxpayers money, so parents work harder and longer to feed the already corrupt system. The overtime the parents work turns into after school programs that tax the system even more by requiring that teachers supervise the children long after the school day has ended until the parents are done with overtime at work to pay the taxes to pay the teachers. Read more…

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