Cabin on Trouble Creek

Brothers Daniel and Will are thrilled to help their pa homestead in a lush Ohio forest. At 11 and 9 the boys find all the chores exciting – chopping logs, building the cabin, making a fireplace, and gathering wood. Then comes the day their dad must leave the boys behind to finish readying the cabin while he brings back their mom and siblings. With enough food to last the six weeks before his return, the boys foresee the time will go by fast as they prepare the cabin walls. Soon the six weeks turns to seven, nine, and months begin to pass. Their food runs out and winter is around the corner. With no neighbors, no food, no coats, and threadbare clothes, how will the boys survive? Will their family ever return?

Fortunately, Daniel and Will are smart and resourceful. Where some kids might have let panic and fear set in, these boys know if they need something, then they need to make it happen. Their ingenuity gets them game for food, clothing, and tools. They also receive some needed help from a friendly stranger. But their experience is plagued by more than just lack of food; the boys meet up with danger and unexpected mishaps.

Cabin on Trouble Creek, which is set in 1803, is both adventure and historic fiction, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It teaches that when faced with life and death situations, even a child can rise to the occasion where survival instincts prevail. Readers will be surprised to learn this story is based on a true account of two boys who faced the same perilous situation.

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