Greek Alphabet Code Cracker

When teaching children, it’s always nice to incorporate games or some type of fun into your lesson plans. In the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, kids will have a great time as they play the role of detective, working to solve the case of the stolen Grecian Urn of Achilles. This novel approach certainly makes this sometimes intimidating subject non-threatening. My 9-year-old loves sleuthing and took a liking to this workbook immediately, and he needed only the littlest help from me. At around 80 pages long, the Greek Alphabet Code can be “cracked” in about 8 weeks, give or take some time depending on how quickly your child wants to move through it. The lessons introduce the Greek letters, allow students to practice writing the letters, and have Greek words to decipher. There are also other cyphers to unscramble and English words to sound out. All this and more is delivered in a colorful package with animated detectives guiding your children through the workbook.

So why learn Greek? The author sums it up nicely in this quote:

“Greek is a beautiful and fascinating language that has enriched the minds of countless people over the centuries. It is the basis for much of the technical terminology in both science and medicine and is responsible for about twenty percent of the words in our English vocabulary. Learning Greek is also the gateway to reading and studying the New Testament as well as the writing of scores of classic Greek authors, from Homer to Aristotle.

You’ll also have access to online resources at the Classical Academic Press website such as a singsong to help learn the Greek alphabet, and other exercises and worksheets.

If it is your goal to introduce your child to Greek, this is a fun, creative way to do it. If my son is any indication of the typical child’s response, kids will really enjoy this!

Acknowledgments to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book for this review

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