Not all home school methods use curricula

In my experience, most homeschool families at create least some curricula and just about everyone supplements that with activities. Via

Janice Hedin’s son was into model rockets, so she used that as a starting point for his home-school curriculum. Her daughter loved horses, and that became a focal point for her education.

“She owned it,” said Hedin, of Maple Valley, Wash. “It was hers. I didn’t have to force anything because she loved every minute of it.”

Some home-school parents create their own curriculum for their kids.

“There should never be a set curriculum,” Hedin said. “Every child is so unique. Our goal as parents is to custom design the education that fits our children.”

For those who find that daunting, there are many prepared curricula available for home schooling, as well as guides to what a child should know at each grade and age. Material is available online and in libraries, at bookstores and through home-school support groups. Read more…

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