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I’ve taught three boys to read, with each one learning the skill in a different way. My youngest gravitated to easy readers, memorizing whole words while also learning phonetics. One of his favorite books to read was his set of Bob books. He read them daily, quickly committing to memory the simple sentences, which eventually led him and his brothers to develop their own Bob-Book knock-offs. They came up with some really neat little books! Seeing how fast my son learned the taught words, and how inspired he was by these books, I have no trouble recommending Bob products to anyone starting their kids out on their reading journey. They are fun, kid-friendly, and star a host of happy characters.

Bob Books has several sets to choose from, their newest addition to the family being Sight Words, available for both Kindergarten and First grade. True to the style of this series, the books are small, simply illustrated, with short word phrases and sentences on each page. The focus of this new set is to introduce children to the sight words, which are common words that kids will see over and over again, so it is good to commit these words to memory. (If you’re curious to see the list of sight words, click here.) Each set contains 10 books, with a total of 30 words taught. Some of the sight words in the Kindergarten set are: ran, saw, to, can, jump, on, a, fly, has. The illustrations aren’t just cute pictures, but they also serve as clues to the words, helping the child to learn them through the depicted scenes. Besides the books, you’ll also find double-sided flash cards that contain the sight word on one side, and a sentence using the word on the other.

I wish I had the Sight Word books back when I was instructing my boys in reading. I still remember writing all these words on flash cards, and making “bingo” boards to help them recognize them. These new books not only look much nicer than what I came up with, they would have saved me time! Whatever method you choose to teach reading, I do encourage you to include some sight word memorization – it will help your child to become more fluent readers.

Click here for Bob Books: Sight Words First grade.

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Thanks to the publisher for providing me a copy of Both Sight Words Kindergarten, and First grade for this review.

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