Homeschooling “a good option for some…”

An alert reader sent in this story from the McKenzie County Farmer in Watford City, ND

All parents of school-aged children know that back-to-school time can be a very busy and stressful time. But for some area students going back to school is a lot easier, especially when they don’t even have to leave home.
“We used to just do school at the kitchen table,” says Lisa Barkie, a Watford City home schooling mom. “Then as my daughter got older, there were a lot more books to drag out to the kitchen, so we made a school area in our home. Now everything is easily accessible.”
Lisa isn’t a certified teacher, but if you ask her daughter, Anika, who her teacher is, she’ll point to her mom, Lisa.
“My mom is my teacher,” says Anika proudly. “She’s always been my teacher and I’ve never wanted to go to public school.”
“The only thing about public school that she has ever wanted is to ride the bus,” adds Lisa. Read more…

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