Writing. Does being responsible for your homeschooled student’s introduction to and education in writing make you feel intimidated? It does me. It is the one subject I feel most ill prepared to teach. I like writing, and I hope I’ve instilled that same feeling in my children. Sure, I can teach the basic mechanics of writing reports and essays, but how do I really know if their writing is any good? For my high-schooler, how do I equip him to do well on the SAT essay and prepare him for college level writing? No matter what the curriculum you are using, wouldn’t you love the chance for a writing expert to read your student’s work, and with confidence building comments and gentle criticisms, guide them to producing an exemplary piece of writing? How pleased was I to find such a service exists at WriteGuide.com!

My 10th grader (Garrison) just completed a one-month course at WriteGuide.com. I am so completely satisfied with the experience that I can definitely recommend it to any parent wishing to improve their student’s writing skills.

For a monthly fee, WriteGuide provides the enrolled student with a personal writing instructor (a published writer with Bachelors and Masters degree in field of English) and through a method of daily email communications, personalized writing assignments are conveyed, completed, and revised until the end result is a well-constructed and uniquely individualized piece of writing.

Garrison and I agreed he would work on first a book report, and then SAT prompt essays. His instructor, Mr. B. was outstanding, and we both liked the tone of his emails and his manner of guiding Garrison in the development of his essays. The first assignment, a review of H.G. Well’s Invisible Man, took 2 weeks to complete. Through the process of revision, Garrison learned how to carefully choose his words, communicate directly to the reader, and interpret the author’s reasons for writing the book. This was a new experience for us both, as I rarely had him revise a report; we always just went on to the next assignment. I realized we missed an important element in writing. It was through this process that Garrison learned from Mr. B how to develop a well thought out five-paragraph essay.

The last 2 weeks, Garrison worked on typical SAT essay prompts. Mr. B gave him a question, and to mimic actual testing conditions, Garrison answered the question in 25 minutes. At first this was quite a challenge for him, but by the last prompt Garrison had gained confidence and mastered the formula for completing a cohesive and convincing essay. Mr. B offered him strategies for success, such as using literary or personal examples, how to use the 25 minutes wisely, be mindful of correct grammar, and use rich vocabulary whenever possible.

Here’s what Garrison had to say about his course:

I felt that WriteGuide has helped me a lot in identifying mistakes in my writing and how to fix them, as well as improving my overall skill in the subject. At times there was tons of work I had to get done. But in the end, the result was always better than what it was before. I’m glad I took this course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing potential.

It is WriteGuide’s mission to provide individualized, high-quality writing instruction for students and to assist parents in educating their own children. From our experience, they did an excellent job fulfilling this mission. Considering the wealth of information we both gained from our one-month enrollment, I will seriously consider using WriteGuide for my other sons.(Note: parents also have the option of sharing a course between siblings).

I encourage you to visit their website http://www.WriteGuide.com/ to learn more about their program, and if you can, try it for at least a month, I bet you’ll be as happy with the results as we were.

Thanks to WriteGuide.com for letting Homeschoolbuzz.com try their one month writing course for this review.

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