25-Minute Meals (Countertop Inspirations)

In this handy little spiral-bound hard cover cookbook, there are 125 different recipes that should save you time in the kitchen. Organized in five separate categories, you’ll find meals in a bowl, stovetop suppers, oven dishes, microwave meals, and food that can be prepared in a snap. My family menu has become boring and routine, so it’s nice to have a book like this at my fingertips – one that offers a variety of simple, tasty recipes, and doesn’t take up too much room on my counter. There are no exotic ingredients – most everything can be found in your pantry or can be easily picked up at the grocery store. I hope to try the Asian meat loaf, microwave potato bacon soup, cheese and chicken enchiladas, and easy minestrone.

Unfortunately, our family is dependent on a low fat, gluten-free diet. If you too have special dietary needs this cookbook may not work for you. Many of the recipes call for canned or creamed soups, cheese, and pasta. Though you certainly could adapt the recipes to meet your requirements.

I think the idea for the book is great, in fact I hope Barbour Books publishes a sequel entitled 10-minute meals! The less time I spend in the kitchen, the better.

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