In this Christian fiction love story 16-year-old Attie has a lot to deal with; she’s survived a car crash that killed her mom and best friend, she suffers from terrible nightmares, and she discovers her best friend’s brother Riley has romantic feelings towards her. As she has been plagued for nearly a year by night terrors and survivor guilt, can Attie ever find healing? And can she remain pure as Riley expresses his love for her?

Even though Attie has endured a tremendous loss, she gains the love and support of her deceased friend’s family. She moves in with them for the summer, and Riley quickly attaches to her, while she becomes dependent on his support to face her fears. The two end up regularly sleeping next to each other so he can be there when she needs him.

Though Riley has good intentions, it is insane to think that in the real world two hormonal teenagers who are physically attracted to one another can sleep together and not be tempted to be intimate. Being this is a fictional world, these teens manage to spend months together and go no further than some passionate kissing, romantic touching, and verbalization of physical desires. It surprised me that it took the author to nearly the end of the book to stress that this Christian couple needed to set some physical boundaries, or Attie would soon find herself no longer a virgin.

A unique aspect of the story is Attie’s relationship with Jesus. He physically appears to her and they candidly discuss her problems and feelings. I thought that was cool, but on some occasions I was taken aback by Attie’s frankness. When she asked the Lord why He didn’t give her bigger boobs I blushed. Say what?!

Attie’s story is sad, and sweet, and the author does a good job of representing relatable characters. Teen girls who swoon over Edward Cullen will likely react the same with Riley. Having read the Twilight series, I couldn’t help but see similarities between the couples (granted Riley prefers hotdogs over blood). Not knowing what your family’s philosophy is on teenage dating, I suggest you pair this book with plenty of parental discussion, as it certainly poses some discussion worthy material.

Thanks to the author for sending me a copy of this book for my review.

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