Homeschooling, for Lack of a Better Name?

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We’ve been doing homeschool for a few months now, or maybe we haven’t. I’m not actually sure if what I’m doing is Real Official Homeschooling per se. I had someone leave a comment on a post where I’d detailed some of our school activities for the week, and she was like, this is different from being a stay-at-home mom HOW? Read more…

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  1. Any time you are teaching your child to read, write, and do math you are homeschooling. Some of us use structure others have a more relaxed approach. Keep up the good work.

  2. My answer to that poster would have been something like this…
    Did you think that home school had to look like school at home? Did nobody ever tell you that a mother is a child’s first teacher? Therefore, don’t be surprised that a home schooling mom can look a lot like a mom who is the primary care provider for her young children. A SAHM teaches her child complicated small motor skills (how to eat with a spoon), a foreign language (no child comes from the womb speaking the native tongue of his parents) and other skills without the use of any textbooks. Studies show that the young child learns through active play, immersion and other methods that do not resemble traditional learning methods. These methods of learning also come naturally for the mother. When she plays the old game “This Little Piggy”, she touches him to stimulate the sensory section of the brain and speaks to engage the auditory section of the brain. There is more brain science proven in the simple way that a mother naturally teaches her child than in all the methods that have been tried and failed in the public school in the last century. Don’t underestimate the natural teaching ability of the SAHM! If you have a child, you are a teacher. If you are a SAHM, you simply have the blessing of being able to teach when the child is most receptive, not when he is exhausted from a long day without you.

    Chin up, you are just a natural. Most people don’t understand that blindly copying the system that is failing kids today is likely not a superior way to teach them at home today.

  3. Many newbie homeschoolers make a similar mistake: setting up a “school room” complete with a blackboard and desks. Most soon realize learning doesn’t usually take place in the classroom and often outside the house.

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