5th Anniversary Carnival of Homeschool

Why Homeschool is hosting the 5th Anniversary Carnival of Homeschool. Kudos to the Cate family for their years of faithful service to the homeschool community. They chose as a theme one of their families (and ours) favorite movies, The Princess Bride.

Welcome to the fifth anniversary of the Carnival of Homeschooling. This is the 262th edition! It is one of the longest running weekly blog carnivals.

My wife and I are very grateful that are so many people who participate, who help promote the carnival, and who give us encouragement. We are especially appreciative of the several dozen people who take turns hosting the carnival.

The theme for this carnival revolves around quotes from the movie Princess Bride. Our family loves Princess Bride. It is one of our favorite movies. It may be one of the most quoted movies of our generation. If you start to say anywhere in the English speaking world “I don’t think that word means …” Many people will be able to finish the line. Read more…

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