Should government interfere with homeschooling?

From Lynn R. Mitchell of the Washington Examiner. The same story is covered by fox: Too Religious to Home-School?

A child’s education is hanging in the balance as her divorced parents battle over whether she should continue homeschooling or be in public school. For now, she is in a New Hampshire public school at a judge’s order and the father wants it to stay that way.

The 11-year-old girl was homeschooled through 4th grade and then ordered into public school because of a lawsuit by the father who objected to the mother educating their daughter at home. The parents divorced when the daughter was two months old. According to the First Amendment Center:

Religious-freedom groups have trumpeted the cause of Brenda Voydatch of Meredith, who home schooled her 11-year-old daughter, Amanda, from first through fourth grade. Read more…

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