Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers

This collection of fun science lessons and activities are designed to offer hands on experiments that will satisfy the curious nature of children, while making it easier for parents to teach science. Kids love to pour, measure, taste, alter, and explore their environment. If you can direct their experimentation to teach a concept, then you are more likely to help them remember the material.

Have children ages 4-13? This book is designed for both age groups – chapters 1-10 are for ages 4 through 7 and chapters 11-20 are for ages 8 through 13. The topics covered for the youngers include the senses, the human body, dinosaurs, insects, magnets, astronomy, and plants, while the tweeners will be learning about atoms, chemistry basics, force, simple machines, and light. Except for the chapter on microscopes, all experiments utilize common household items. Ages 4-7 have lots of edible experiments that look especially fun. Short test are included for the older students – I would also suggest they keep a basic lab notebook to record the experiments. Both the tests and lab books are good prep for the eventual High school science track.

This science book is nearly 200 pages log, and provides many of the essential science concepts, giving a nice baseline into the exciting study of science. And considering a homeschooling parent wrote it, you’ll find it easy to navigate and an added bonus that it can be used with such a wide range of ages.

Susan was kind enough to include a sample unit study for you to download and to see if this curriculum might be a good fit for your family.

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