Carnival of Homeschool – Top 10 Film Edition

In addition to the great homeschooling posts this week, Home School Dad has asked some of the contributors to share their favorite film choices. What a great idea! That’s one of those, “I wish I had thought of that” moments.

Hello and welcome to Carnival of Homeschooling #279.
The theme of this week’s carnival is movies. Specifically my 10 favorite movies. As I list each of my favorite films from 10th to the first, I will give a mini explanation of why each film made my list and a pertinent quote from each film. I have also asked many of you to participate by sharing some of your favorite or least favorite films. Read more…

3 Replies to “Carnival of Homeschool – Top 10 Film Edition”

  1. I might suggest something you may not have considered. Centennial! This is an excellent movie that teaches quite about about recent history from a more personal narrative. Though I should probably warn you that your going to have to break it up as it’s about 24 hours in all.

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