Carnival of Homeschooling: Logistics

The carnival is hosted this week by No Fighting, No Biting!: Carnival of Homeschooling- Logistics of a Homeschooling Family

Logistical management is what every homeschooling mom spends much of her time doing: planning days so learning occurs in whatever form that takes, while also fitting in housework, cooking, shopping, bill paying, doctor’s appointments, errands, volunteer work, exercise, children’s activities, and squeezing in a tiny bit of alone time to renew her spirits. Some families also sign up for extras for the kids such as music, sports, arts, and/or scouts outside the home. Making the schedule “work” is sometimes a difficult task, but sometimes it all clicks, such as me signing all the kids up for this fall’s swimming classes on Saturday afternoon. Let us learn how others homeschoolers cope with “trying to fit it all in.” Read more…

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