Homeschool Carnivals past and present

Presently, ChristineTheCurious is hosting this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling

My family finished up last year’s homeschool two weeks ago.  Saturday was the Family Fun Fair at church, and a week ago yesterday the kids and I started organising the house.  I have all my homeschool paper work filed with the district, and two more weeks left of Summer while the books come in the mail and I gear up for next year.  So tell me Summer isn’t almost over, mine just started!

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And my apologies for missing past carnivals (again):

Amanda hosted the carnival with a back to school theme last week:

Who doesn’t love a carnival?  Throw some crayons and notebook paper and back-to-school fun in and you are set for a GREAT Tuesday read!
While I work diligently this week on scraping together our hodge-podge curriculum to form comprehensive lesson plans, I have been blessed to also find myself sifting through the carnival submissions and enjoying the pleasure of being inspired by many others currently schooling or preparing to school for the 2011/2012 school year, .

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And finally, Janice hosted the previous carnival with summer not over yet:

Welcome to the August 9, 2011 edition of Carnival of Homeschooling. Although a few of you are ready to jump back into school or have already done so, others seem to be stretching those happy summer moments for as long as possible.

I suggest that you pour a frosty glass of lemonade, find a cool spot, and enjoy the delightful posts that have been submitted.

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