Homeschool Classroom design?

An article in the LA Times about classroom desing for homeschoolers might leave some scratching their heads: For home-school parents, classroom design is the subject du jour. At first I was thinking of my own kids. Our whole house (or world) is the classroom, without need for special modifications. But as you will read, this is to accomodate a learning disability which (their “expert” says) requires a dedicated space. If it works for them fine. If you are thinking of homescholing, I’m of the opinion that there’s no need to spend money on a school room quite yet.

Every weekday morning, 8-year-old Trevor Barrios puts on his uniform, takes his backpack and lunch box and sets off for school: the 900-square-foot converted guesthouse of his family’s Ladera Ranch home. There, under the watchful eye of a tutor, Trevor settles down to three hours of math, science, history and language arts.

Home School 2Trevor’s mother, Dru Barrios (pictured standing, above) consulted with an education expert who said her son — whose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is partly why the family chose home schooling — would thrive in a space dedicated to learning. So in what used to be the guesthouse, a large portion of one wall is painted with white dry-erase paint, so it works as a gigantic wipe board, above. The space has a U-shaped teacher’s desk, right, plus shelves stacked with books and a 60-inch television for screening educational DVDs. The cost of the conversion: about $2,000. Read more…

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