Siblings Kendra and Seth are sent to stay with their grandparents while their mother and father cruise the Caribbean. Disappointed not to be vacationing with them, the kids anticipate the 2 weeks will be drudgery. Contrary to their beliefs, when they arrive at their grandparents estate, they are surprised to find a tree house, swimming pool, and a gigantic playroom full of books and toys. What they don’t know is how many secrets await them.

Shortly upon their arrival, their grandfather gives them a key which fits a play room lock. With locked doors, cabinets, books, chests, and drawers, finding what the key unlocks will be a challenge. They are then given a warning: “do whatever you want, but do not go into the woods or the barn.”

Kendra is thrilled with trying to find which lock fits the key. Seth

instead finds this to be dull, and proceeds to do what he had been warned not to: go into the woods. There, he finds a shack, with an old woman bound to ropes. She invites him to come in, but Seth escapes. He is shocked with his discovery, but he is also frightened that grandpa would put a helpless old woman in the woods by herself. Why is she there, and why is she bound to ropes? As secrets begin to unravel they discover magic, fairies, witches, satyrs, and a place called Fablehaven, where they play a vital role in saving not only this newly discovered land, but also their own world.

This book is very enjoyable, and it’s easy to get lost in it. You can put yourself in easily in the shoes of Kendra and Seth. It’s a great blend of fantasy, adventure, and mystery. I highly recommend it.

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