Our America…The King Philip’s War Adventure (Volume 2)

Our America, The King Philip’s War Adventure, is the second installment in the Our America series. Written for children ages 10 and up, this “living” history book transports siblings Ginny and Finn back to the 17th century, where there search for their missing parents lands them in the midst of this historical event.  Author Susan Kilbride acknowledges this war was pivotal to the development of the American Colonies, and yet it is rarely mentioned in our school’s history studies.  Perhaps it was due to the extreme cruelty and extent of destruction this war caused, particularly to the American Indians.  The  American revolution, the Civil War, the French and Indian war we all remember learning about, but King Philip?  Have to admit it was one battle I was unfamiliar with, though this book provided a good immersion and a historical summary and timeline at the end. Sure, you could get the main facts from any American history website, but if you prefer to exercise your student’s reading skills while providing a glimpse into early America, then you may enjoy trying this series.

Thanks to Susan for sending me a complimentary copy of her book for review.

Susan Kilbride knows how much homeschoolers like Unit studies, so stop by her website for a PDF of hands on activities to round out the King Philip’s War learning experience: http://funtasticunitstudies.com/

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