Carnival of Homeschooling – Checkup!

Time for Learning is hosting this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling — Time For A Homeschool Checkup!

With flu season upon us, many of us will be going for checkups and to get flu shots. This is also the perfect time of year for a homeschool checkup. Most of us have gotten a few months of schooling behind us by this point so it’s a great time to take the pulse of our home academies. Checking the Pulse of Your Activities Just when you think September is the busiest homeschool month, along comes OCTOBER!! There’s just something about fall-time that screams “overschedule me”, isn’t there?! It’s like our systems know that not only will the weather be taking a turn for the worse, but that we’re going to be extra occupied with holidays, family, and food soon. So, we want to get in every last possible field trip, playdate, and hands-on project, don’t we? Let’s take a look at what you’ve been up to this month out in the homeschool blog-i-verse…

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