Controversy about Home-schooling author Susan Wise Bauer?

The Washington Post has a story about Susan Wise-Bauer: Home-schooling pioneer Susan Wise Bauer is well-versed in controversy – explaining her absence from Homeschooling conferences this year (among other things). Susan is the author of the popular The Story of the World book series. Susan herself comments on Why Homeschool that the story is a bit misleading.

At dusk on a farm near the confluence of the Chickahominy and James rivers, about 26 miles west of Williamsburg, home-schooling pioneer Susan Wise Bauer is out raking manure. She cleans her sheep pens, douses her four horses and her donkey, Athena, with bug spray, and fills water troughs for her goats. It had been 103 degrees that afternoon, but the setting sun has brought in a breeze to cool the tomato fields and peach and apple groves on Peace Hill, a property that has been in her family for several generations.  “I love livestock,” says Bauer, 44. “There’s something about animals: You just feed and water and clean them, and then they are content.” The farm offers Bauer a respite from battles she has fought with her detractors in America’s increasingly diverse home-schooling community.

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