Homeschool misconceptions in Australia

Via the Ipswich Queensland Times: Outside the regular classes. Note, “uni” is apparenly a contraction of university. 

THE belief home school and distance education children are weird, unsocialised and not able to go to uni is an old-school way of thinking and a stigma Coast parents are eager to quash. Kunam Mani preferred distance education over home schooling for her son Nimai as the curriculum was set by the Brisbane School of Distance Education and marked by a distance education teacher. “I do self-directed learning as well … that’s the beauty of it, I can adjust the curriculum to suit his needs while still meeting the school’s requirements,” she said. “The one-on-one attention has been really marvellous and I know him well in terms of how his mind works. “It’s been really enjoyable watching him grow and it really surprised me at times with what he knows.”

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