Homeschooling: “I could never do that.”

For home-schooled kids, ‘socialization is not an issue’ via the Grand Forks Herald. It starts with some common reactions. I have actually had more than one person tell me the couldn’t homeschool becasue they couldn’t stand to be around their kids all day. 

People who un-school their children say they get a range of reactions from others — from incredulity to curiosity to thinly veiled disdain. When Janet Gerla of Climax, Minn., started un-schooling her children in the late 1980s, she would hear comments like, “I could never do that. That would be way too hard. My kids don’t listen to me,” she said. Five of her six children have since “graduated” and are doing well, she said, noting that among them are a sales engineer, a physics teacher, a law student and an animation artist. They are all “sharp kids,” she said, “and I maintain it’s because they were given the freedom to learn what they wanted on their own timetable.”

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