The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick
by Gene Stone
(256 pages)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never get sick – no more bronchitis, stomach bug, or other nasty viruses? Close to $40 billion a year is spent treating the common cold.  But what if there was a simple solution to avoid sickness? Imagine how much more you could do and the money you’d save if you never got sick.

In his book The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick, Gene Stone found a sampling of everyday people who claimed to never get ill. 25 healthy living “secrets”, some unique, others well known. Would they work for anyone? He tried them all and gives his readers a candid appraisal of his findings.

Meet Patricia, a native New Yorker who eats dirt. She washes her hands no more than 3x’s a day, and barely rinses her garden vegetables.“That way she feels she is dosing herself with all the microorganisms that can cause disease.” Patricia adds, “I think exposing myself to a little bit of sick allows my body to create its own defense against passing germs, dirt, viruses, or whatever.”

Then there’s Phil, a teacher who claims detoxification cured his cancer. “The fattier, more processed and more adulterated our diet, the greater amount of it is retained in our bodies. Organs are stressed by their efforts to eliminate the toxic molecules. The less concentrated the diet, the more efficiently this elimination takes place…so the toxics aren’t retained in the cells.”

What a fresh, insightful book.  It’s not peddling snake oils or giving a podium for eccentric people to ballyhoo their strange habits. Rather, it is a peek into the lives of regular people, who do a little something extra – eat fresh garlic, consume only plant based foods, take probiotics, make a habit of napping and balance their PH. They all swear their routine keeps them healthy. The author examines each habit, and shares any science or truth that backs up the validity of their choices.

I prefer prevention to cure, defense, to offense, and am game for any common sense practice that doesn’t require more money or time than I can afford. I have a couple of my own “secrets” for staying healthy, but I believe the common thread that is found in all robust people is a commitment to healthy living – a balanced diet rich in vegetables, good sleep, positive thoughts, no smoking, regular exercise, faith and love, and a sense of purpose. Still, I love to hear the testimonies of others, and save all the  golden nuggets I learn. I got a good bucket of nuggets from this book and am sure you will too.  And, if you want your bucket to overflow, head over to to read the discussion or add your own secret.

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