Carnival of Homeschooling – with a big heart

In honor of Valentines Day, we celebrate the big hearts of homeschooling families. After all, love is the reason we homeschool and home is where we learn to love.

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups
Big Heart of Art – 1000 Visual Mashups by qthomasbower

The first love of all children are their parents.  I remember making valentines each year for my Mom as a child. I would still be sending her one if she was still with us. Collected below are the posts of some loving homeschoolers as they share their wisdom with us all.

The Deckard Family tells us What I Learned from a One-Room Schoolhouse via Life Nurturing Education: My children attended a one-room schoolhouse last year. I was surprised by the lessons I learned.

Phyllis tells us how organizing inspires children to organize too in her post Blogs to Bless You via Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness.

Susan relays how an Education Innovator Seeks Homeschooling Answers at Corn and Oil.

Kelly posts On Respect at The Accidental Homeschooler This post takes into consideration the impact that our attitudes toward ourselves and our bodies have on our children and our own ability to lead them.

Chris wishes us Happy Valentines Day! via Homeschool vs Publicschool asking: This holiday can be  a lot of fun! How do you share it with others?
Mindy shares her Valentine’s Day CLIP (Creative Learning in a Pinch) via DenSchool including Free resources, activities, snacks, crafts, Valentine’s and free printables to make Valentine’s Day fun and educational.
Natalie shares an Astronomy Unit Study via Fill Your Bookshelf – Books and activities we used when studying astronomy.

Mystie shares Read-aloud Cop Out: Audio Books in the Homeschool and a follow-up post Free or Cheap Audible Audio Books! via Simply Convivial: How and why I use audio books for our homeschool day. A list of free and cheap audio books Amazon and Audible have partnered to offer.

Jay3fer presents Three Reasons People Think Homeschooled Kids are Geniuses posted at Adventures in Mama-Land. Three reasons why people think our kids are geniuses… and who the real geniuses are!

Barbara shares Preparing Our Kids for a Challenging Future (Part 1) via Barbara Frank Online: Why homeschooling is the ideal way to prepare our kids for the new economy.
Kim shares Zoology 1 via A Child’s Garden all of our resources and lesson plan ideas that we have used for Exploring Creation With Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. including schedules, nature studies, and links (.pdf version coming soon).
Mara recalls Our Revolutionary War Field Trip via Tales of a Pee Dee Mama: How we took advantage of local history attractions to add to our school studies.
Monique reminds us Homeschooling is hard via Living Life and Learning: The struggles that I’m going through with my 3 children and how I try to get through each day.
Cynthia shares 13 Colonies Travel Brochure Project via Our Journey Westward – This post shares an interesting and engaging research and writing project idea that could be used with nearly any topic.
Henry connects Homeschooling and babysitting via Why Homeschool – His second daughter wrote about some of the advantages of homeschooling.
Kathy reminisces as the Homeschooled Child Prodigy Grows Up at Life-verses blog: My son has finished his K-12 homeschool education and is now embarking on the next phase of his life.  He has grown up.  But what is he going to be?
That’s all for this carnival. Next week the carnival will be hosted at The Informed Parent.

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  1. I am the “innovative educator” (Jessica Smock) mentioned by Susan in her recent article! I’ve been working with Lisa Nielsen and her Facebook group to help me create a survey to learn more about homeschooling families’ experiences. If any of your readers are interested in learning more about the survey or in taking it, they can go to:
    Thank you!

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