Artistic Pursuits Highschool Art: A TOS Crew Review

The curriculum for Creativity

Teaching high school art is intimidating and challenging to a parent like me who has no artistic talents. I am so art challenged that my husband even forbids me from painting a wall because I miss spots and leave unsightly drip marks. But, I am excellent at following instructions and have a knack for recognizing quality curriculum. When it comes to teaching art, Artistic Pursuits has nailed it.

My boys and I sampled Artistic Pursuits High School 9-12 Book Two: Color and Composition, newly minted 2013 third edition $47.95.

Artistic pursuits book 2

This curriculum by Brenda Ellis is a spiral bound book with sixteen lessons that will last you through a thirty-two week full school year period. Geared toward ages 14 and up, the focus of the teaching is on the elements of art and the principles of design. The student will be creating his own amazing works of art through conversational presentations of art vocabulary, techniques, and blazing colorful reproductions of both well known European artists and outstanding student examples.

The work below is inspired by Lesson 1 Unit 1 on Hue.  Using watercolors, my boys chose a single color and tinted it with water to reflect the various shades of the color.

Unit 1

Then we worked our way to Unit 3 where shading was applied to change the value of a hue by adding a touch of black.

Benny painting

Here they also learned how light and dark areas show form. The classic piece the New Born Child by Georges de La Tour was used as an example to show shaded hue.

Georges de la Tour

Artistic Pursuits’s holds the philosophy that every child can understand the concepts of art and enjoy the process of putting ideas and visual images on paper.  In our home school we share the same philosophy.  From the time they were able to hold a crayon they were decorating first our walls, then our tables, as we gently guided their little hands to paper.  I’ve tucked away their early creations and from time to time when I stumble upon them I smile- it makes my heart glad to know we encouraged and groomed their creativity throughout their homeschool education.

Whether you have used the prior Artistic Pursuits books or not, this is a great course to include at some point in your student’s 9-12 high school education.  Oh, and what I especially love is the student can be independent.  Your job is to get the art supplies (handy list is provided), and facilitate as needed. Be sure to find some wall space to showcase the beautiful pieces that your student artist will be creating. Check out what the other crew members have to say here at The Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.

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Unit 3

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