Lone Star Learning Targeted Vocabulary Cards: A TOS Crew Review

logo lone starI have always incorporated flash cards whenever necessary to help my boys recall vocabulary words, solidify math facts, or memorize verses. My meager 3×5 index cards hastily penned with sloppy handwriting are no match for Lone Star Learning’s quality, thoughtfully conceptualized Targeted Vocabulary Pictures cards.

I tried Set 1 with my sixth grader.  Although he is a classic auditory learner, he has an eye for good design and art.  He loved the presentation of the target word blending into a animated pictorial definition. He has difficulty with memorization, but we saw improvement with his long term recall after using this set. This type of visual mnemonic is a fantastic tool – see the word being used as what it means helps spark connections. If my short attention span auditory learner likes these cards, that is my proof that any type of learner can use these successfully. Though these cards are geared toward the grade 3-8 range, you can creatively incorporate them with other grades.


Target Vocabulary Pictures can be purchased in 2 sizes with 50-56 cards in each set. Large 11″ x 8.5″ = $34.99
Small 5.5″ x 4.25 = $29.99


The cards are glossy print on sturdy card stock.  They are excellent quality, and will pass down nicely to younger grades as they move up the ranks.

Why use flash cards?  Why wouldn’t you use them is a better question. I used them throughout my college years. Babies, K-12, and higher level learning students can all increase their ability to learn and improve their recall proficiency with them. Here’s a few suggestions from Lone Star on how to use their cards:

Read the words and discuss the definition.  Look at the pictures hidden within the word and discuss why those pictures demonstrate the meaning.  Students can write and illustrate the words themselves in a dictionary that they create. Use the words to make acrostic poetry.  Show one word a day and have your student use it in a sentence.  Find places to post the cards once they have been introduced and revisit them often.

Here’s another take on the power of using cards specifically in adult learners.

Glad to recommend Lone Star’s products for your educational needs.  Refer to their website to see the different card themes they have to offer. From my own experience, I’d much rather buy well made thoughtfully designed cards than invest the time to make my own. Oh, for your techies-they also have digital options. Check out what the rest of the crew review has to say about this fantastic product here.

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