Knowledge Quest TimeLineBuilder App: TOS Crew Review

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When you live in a household of geeks with numerous Apple devices, Apps are as common and sought after as milk and cookies.  Knowledge Quest, known for their history and geography curriculum, has developed this versatile TimelineBuilder iPad App for creating custom timelines of your choosing. At the time of this crew review, Knowledge Quest is running an early bird special. If you go to I-tunes through the designated link on this page of their site, you have an opportunity to get a free e-book when you purchase the App for $4.99. Later the price will change to $6.99.

I picked this App for review so my 12-year-old could try it out on his iPad. Although Knowledge Quest has a tutorial on how to use it, my son skipped the directions (he likes to figure it out on his own), and immersed himself full throttle. Viola! In mere minutes he had created an impressive timeline of Apple computers.


Here’s what he had to say about his experience with TimelineBuilder:

It was fun, easy to use, with a convenient wiki search. I liked the jazzy music, but after awhile I got tired of the same song and I turned it off. It was a fun way to do research and make a timeline. I never made one before. The only thing that I didn’t like was I always had to have an image-I would rather have the option to use text with or without the image. A pocket watch served as a place holder when I didn’t pick an image.

My son was happy to give all of us a demo of how to use the App, he is a natural at teaching. He remotely connect his pad to our TV and entertained and impressed us with how quickly he could put together a timeline and effortlessly pulled images and inserted dates. He manipulated his entries around the screen till he got the look he wanted. It was like watching an artist create a masterpiece with a few strokes of a brush. Unfortunately he didn’t save his original Apple timeline, though he could have and even shared it was other users. He sent me some screenshots of another timeline he was working on:

screenshot of app

time app 2

Besides using wiki-images, you can use your own. No scribbly messes-an error can easily be deleted. Target age is 10+, and the publisher suggests uses other than for students; genealogists, project managers, marketers, basically any hobbyist or professional who needs a timeline of events could utilize this. I like the fact that Knowledge Quest is making educational Apps and hope more curriculum publishers will follow suit. My son would never had made a timeline had I not been able to give him this digital opportunity.  As much as I’ve protested about the time my younger sons have spent on their electronic devices, I have to succumb to the inevitable-times have changed, and homeschooling has changed along with it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to Skype my son and have him email me his writing for today.


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  1. Thanks Alyson! Embrace the gadgets! Would you believe I got a new gadget for my anniversary-a tablet! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

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