See the Light Cartooning: A TOS Crew Review

STLLogoMy family and I recently reviewed Cartooning by See the Light. Having only teens and a recent grad, I thought at first the boys might think the material too easy as it is recommended for ages 5 and up.  I am so glad I didn’t let that thought deter me from using it to teach my boys cartooning. It was a great choice! My crew had a blast. With dad alongside, they spent an evening watching the DVD, followed the step-by-step instructions, and produced some cool and funny cartoons.  They had quickly picked up clever techniques that will be both useful and entertaining.cartooningThe Cartooning DVD (sells for $14.99) takes a little over an hour to view, and by the end your students will have created an imaginative and good basic cartoon.  And, no special art materials required, you likely have all these items handy in your supply drawer: pencils

  • Plain white paper (any size)
  • A sharpened #2 pencil and good eraser
  • A fine point black marker and thick black permanent marker

The teacher introduced some history of cartooning, and demonstrated how to draw animals, faces, and other props commonly seen in cartoons.  The students follow along, drawing on their art pads while incorporating her instructions for making a unique, quality cartoon.


The video has a relaxed feel, and takes the novice through the basics: light sketching, making a thought bubble verses a speech bubble, when to write the dialogue, and how to exaggerate facial features and body language to emphasize action and feelings.  She gave no advice on how to come up with a punch line, but using these techniques, probably anything will be funny.

Overall, the consensus was this cartooning DVD lesson was fun and provided an entertaining evening for the boys, and dad especially enjoyed it as it reminded him of being a young teenager.  He used to make comics with his cousin, and has several of them tucked away (in mint condition!).


The only thing they didn’t like was it started out slow, and there were no pause points or scene selections.  I would advise pausing the DVD every twenty minutes to allow everyone a chance to catch up. Their favorite part was the last twenty minutes when they placed the dialogue.

This product is versatile, and will appeal to a wide range of ages. See the Light’s Cartooning would be great to use for a co-op art class or even for a kid sunday school hour.  I definitely see this being more fun with a group – especially the part where you get to “show and tell” – seeing what my boys came up with was hysterical.

gar comic

Cartooning is just one of the art selections.  Read other crew members reviews of Cartooning and more of See the Light art titles at the Review Crew Blog, and check out See the Light’s blog for some super art tips.

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