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Spanish For You! is a unique and affordable spanish instruction curriculum for your pre-high school students.  I reviewed the Fiestas e-book curriculum for TOS Review Crew. My son, Benny helped me with the review by using the program for the past month, and we want to share our experience with you.


Benny is in tenth grade, and for his high school language he chose Japanese.  Yeah, that’s what I said, why Japanese?! I was thinking Spanish might be more practical and less challenging. Nope. Japanese it would be, and he did great the first year. Second year, not so great. It wasn’t long before he became frustrated and stalled. Second quarter I had no progress to report to the school district so we pulled out and substituted with a hastily chosen spanish instruction substitute from the library. That also tanked.  So, even though Spanish For You! was meant for younger grades, we thought it just might be what he needed.  I anticipated the program would offer a foundation in introductory Spanish and we both were looking forward to having a physical product to write in, leaf through, and later have available for reference.  His previous Japanese program was all CD’s, as was the library Spanish.

bored bennyWhat we received for review was the grades 3-8 package (sells for $64.95), which contains: a soft cover book (we got the e-book for this review), a MP3 audio download of the book, and bonus audio of the entire book recorded by a native speaker from Mexico, and downloads in PDF: 24-30 Week Lesson Guide, worksheets, and pictures for flash cards.

When I was younger and less jaded, I was a homeschooling mama who liked to cut and paste, draft my own unit studies, and throw fun and educational themed based parties. Now, I have twelve homeschool years of experience, a new grad, another one starting college classes in the fall, and a twelve year old unschooler.  I like pre-packaged, ready to go, no prep needed, easy to navigate, assembly not required curriculum. For someone like me, this curriculum was a headache. However, I know there will be many of you who will love this approach to introducing Spanish to your grade 3-8 students for these reasons:

The material is presented in an easy to understand, entertaining fashion. Instead of a lesson/drill approach learning meaningless conversations, you choose a package theme, not a level.  Celebrations, travels, and seasons are in a sense a unit study where spanish will be taught using common words, phrases, objects, and conversations based on that theme.

day of the dead viva mexico mariachi

-It is suitable for multi-grade teaching. You can use the one package to teach all your appropriate aged students at once.  There are several games and activities the author suggests at the beginning that will help make the learning engaging and entertaining to the students. Spanish for You! would work well for a small co-op or group experience.

school group

-It offers multi-sensory learning:  The more senses you use when learning a new skill, the easier it is to learn.  This curriculum offers visual – vocabulary flash cards (you make), the lesson book, auditory: MP3 tracks of lessons physical – games, activities.  Since our kids learn in different ways, Spanish For You! covers all the major learning styles.


I asked my son to give me his feedback on his experience:

Once I figured out how to navigate the curriculum and audio tracks, I quickly learned the names of colors and how to count to twenty.  The teacher’s pronunciations were clear and slow enough for me to catch on, but I was distracted by noises in the background of the audios, such as a click at the end of the recording and several tracks had weird stuff like dogs barking.  Also, the audio tracks are at first difficult to sort.  You have to be careful because the tracks aren’t in numerical order. I did the wrong lesson accidentally several times. It took me a while to realize the page numbers were marked in the audio tracks. There was a chart in the beginning that taught basic phrases like hello, please, thank you, nice to meet you, yes, no.  I was hoping to learn more practical conversational phrases, but Instead I learned things that had to do with a party:

  • Abre el regalo (open the present)
  • Canta la canción (sing the song)
  • los muertos (the dead)…that was from the lesson on the Day of the Dead celebration

I did find the material easy to learn, and it wasn’t boring, so I am going to try to get a little farther in the book.  The last thing I didn’t like was it being in an e-book form.  My mom never lets me print out pages because we are either out of ink or she says it costs too much.  I like working on paper and having a book to use.

Gracias por leer nuestra review. Obtener una muestra de lección gratis aquí.  Free PDF sample of Fiestas. Asegúrate de ir al blog de revisión tripulación para leer más comentarios de español para usted!

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