Timeless Teaching Tips: A TOS Crew Review

Timeless Teaching Tips: How to Think Like a Teacher By Joyce Herzog  Reviewed by Kathy Davis for TOS Crew Review

TimelessTeachingTips_When a mom tells me she is considering homeschooling, the first thing I tell her to do is read everything she can on the subject. Timeless Teaching Tips is one book I would suggest she include on her list.  If you want a successful journey to anywhere, you better read up on where you are going, get some tour books or hire a guide, maybe get some travel insurance, and be sure to pack the essentials. For new home schoolers, Joyce Herzog is your tour guide for teaching. She has decades of experience, authored numerous books and curriculum, and has what you need to know to bring out your inner teacher.


Timeless Teaching Tips is an excellent choice to read before you start home educating. It will be a book you will refer to often.  It contains thoughtful pearls and teacher wisdom to help with common educational hurdles and other inevitable storms you are sure to run into along the way.

This book is perfect for those with young children as the bulk of Joyce’s suggestions deal with teaching younger/elementary learners. This 200+ paged paperback retails for $15.

Joyce has organized the book into six main headings:

Principles of Learning, It’s Been Said, Practical Helps, Homeschooling Issues, Gems, and Spiritual Considerations.

It is written from a Christian perspective, and though I read it as how it could help me, a homeschool educator, it is also appropriate for Sunday School teachers or others who are in settings where they educate young children.


For example, under Practical Helps here’s a cool little trick that will help in teaching math.

Recognition of number patterns can be as simple as rolling a die and instantly recognizing the number it stands for without counting.  If a child can do this before he learns to add and subtract, it will make his understaning of addition and subtraction jump miles ahead.  Obtain 10-sided dice to carry this skill on past six.

diceI love collecting pearls – the rich gemstones of information.  In medicine, we nab clinical pearls, or the insights other clinicians have found via way of experience. These tricks of the trade are bona fide must knows and it is common for practitioners to keep a pearl notebook.  If you don’t have a teacher tip pearl notebook – get one started. In this digital age you are not limited to an old-fashioned spiral bound notepad, you can easily cut and paste tips as you find them. Whatever works best use, but do find a place for stashing treasure troves of homeschooling knowledge.  Here’s some of the nuggets I highlighted in my reading through Timeless Teaching Tips:

  • Keep a journal
  • Children need success
  • Color


  • We all learn more easily when we are interested in the topic at hand
  • Use what you have
  • Children become what they live with daily
  • Teach me my limits
  • Ask their opinion

points of view

  • Help me see progress.
  • Hold character up
  • Teach principles, not just facts
  • We need 80% success to continue trying
  • Give praise often


  • Children can appear to learn something before they have mastered it. You think they have it, but the next day they don’t know what you are talking about…(thank you for that one Joyce!)
  • Happiness is a major ingredient of learning

I always scout for inside information.  Why do more work than I have to? If someone with more experience can tell me a short cut or a trick to do something better, bring it on! I don’t want to be told, just steer me in the right direction and help me when I need it. I think that’s what most of us home educators want. That’s what this book will give you.

We are unique, our children are little people who all learn with their own special style, and if you haven’t figured it out already, homeschooling is a demanding, mysterious, marvelously wonderful educational choice. As you walk your path, regularly set aside time for your teacher training.  Always seek to be better, to improve yourself, and stop to grab all the pearls you can find. And put this quote somewhere highly visible:

Remember the good, and forgive each other for the rest. Joyce Herzog



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