Math Mammoth: A TOS Crew Review

bannerI have tried numerous math programs and teaching approaches with my twelve-year-old son, who has struggled with this subject since at least third grade.  I was excited to review Math Mammoth by Maria Miller as I had seen many of her videos and knew she was considered a math expert in the homeschool circles.  We chose the Grade 6 Light Blue series for him in hopes it would help prep him for his upcoming year end standardized testing (NYS requirement). We were given the complete full curriculum in downloadable version $34.00 for this review which contains PDF format (enabled for annotation) 6A and 6B work texts and answer keys, end of chapter tests, cumulative reviews, worksheet maker (for individualizing your child’s worksheets), a folder of mathematic visuals/images, and links to Maria’s Math teaching videos

The program is available for purchase in a physical text-workbook at Math Mammoth and at Rainbow Resource for $54.95

I like Maria’s teaching style and consider her various products both affordable and comprehensive. Although this curriculum didn’t complement my son’s learning style, I have truthfully found very little curriculum that he will use for more than a few days.  He becomes bored, has an excuse for why he doesn’t like it, or why it isn’t relevant, and I throw up my hands and tell my Einstein clone “ok then, you choose your curriculum.”  His latest request: textbooks.  Thus, as much as I had wished we could have utilized Math Mammoth as his primary math course for the review period, he refused.  He did sample several worksheets and video clips, but it went no further than him picking at the material as if he was in a buffet line. Here’s all I could get from him:

It was pretty standard, not too hard, but I prefer  textbooks.

And…my husband, my son’s math facilitator, shared his thoughts:

I Liked the worksheets but (our son) disliked the redirection to the links for math games or videos.  Mammoth did not work with his particular learning style. He likes a physical book he can read, and does not follow linear learning in video presentations. However, this program would work much better with a kinesthetic/visual learner as opposed to our learner who has to have a physical book he can sit and digest, and go back and re-read.

math mammoth worktextWhether you choose the PDF product or the physical, you will receive a full school year of material.  In 6A/6B all the common core standards are included such as: exponent, simple equations,expressions,ratios proportions, scaling, decimals, primes and prime factorization, percent, geometry, integers, and statistics/probability.


I know many families are still deciding on what math curriculums to use for their students.  I encourage you to read more reviews of Math Mammoth products at the TOS Review Crew Blog and also head over to the Math Mammoth website and scoop up Maria’s free sample worksheets.   I still see a place for Math Mammoth in my son’s education. At the very least I plan to utilize the fantastic links to the various websites that teach the foundational math concepts via engaging game and non-lecture manner. Such as this one on ratios: It’s a memory/match game.

Maria Miller is a fine math teacher and has a knack for making math fun and easy to understand. It is obvious in her presentations she has a passion for math, and will likely guide your fledgling math learners to soar.

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