NYS Home School Graduates to Ignite Fires


The finale is here! Hundreds of homeschooling families across New York State (including ours) will be gathered today to acknowledge, celebrate and esteem our sons and daughters for fulfilling the New York State requirements for high school graduation. They stayed the course when the road got difficult and faced the ever present societal cynics who wagged their tongues with disgust and disbelief that parents could or should teach their children at home.

Come out and see the movers and shakers of this generation!  I present to you thy nerds, techies, gamers, hipsters, free spirits, artists, jocks, punks, cheerleaders, preachers, emos, musicians, divas, phew…did I get you all in?  If not-add yourself in the comment section-it’s ten-thirty and I haven’t showered.  Where’s the cap and gown?  Where’s my graduate?  Yeah!  We did it!  I hope you are ready for these young adults as they are exploding soon in a city near you.  Igniting fires, fanning flames, and leaving their mark wherever they go.

Congratulations class of 2013, you rock!


I love you Garrison Davis and I will miss you sweetie, it’s been my privilege to be your teacher for thirteen years and I thank my God for his gift of you to me  Dream big and fan the flame!  Don’t forget the tissues cause this mama is already crying.


NYS LEAH Commencement 2013

Official photographer for NYS LEAH Commencement: Louis R. Sabo III 


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