Your Brain – 12 Rules for Surviving and Thriving

The brain is an amazing organ – complex, fascinating and indispensable. Yet how many of us ignore our brain health? How do keep our brain healthy? If you are like me, you are€“ busy multi-tasking, managing schedules, maintaining blogs, tweeting, and taking care of everyone’s problems and dirty laundry: note I mean that literally, with three teens, me and hubby, I’ve got tons of laundry.

If we neglect ourselves, we risk a slippery slope downward. I’ve been there, done that, and it was a long climb back up.  In his book Brain Rules, author John Medina explores 12 simple principles to help you understand how the brain works, and most importantly, how to keep it working to your advantage. This is no boring textbook, he uses humor, anecdotes, and personal experience to make the material readable and absorbing. As a homeschooler I like what he has to say on maximizing learning and what is one major problem with our public education.

The current system is founded on a series of expectations that certain learning goals should be achieved by a certain age. Yet there is no reason to suspect that the brain pays attention to those expectations. Students of the same age show a great deal of intellectual variability. All else being equal, it has been known for many years that smaller, more intimate schools create better learning environments than megaplex houses of learning. The Brain Rule may help explain why smaller is better.

He has much more to say about enhancing learning, and the phenomenal functions of the brain. He offers practical implementations to help you maximize your brain power. Now you can go check out his website and get a summary of the brain rules, or you can go take a nap…my husband was especially happy to learn the author is a big proponent of the mid-day power nap. I suggest you do both. Me, I’m off for a walk.

walking subway

Brain rule #1 is exercise boosts brain power.

The book includes a cool DVD that visually summarizes the 12 rules. There may be a few images that may not be exactly appropriate for children, so parents should preview and use the old skip button as needed.

brain 603

Check out the author’s Brain Rules on the Web. You can download the list. Hopefully you’ve read this far…Rule #4: We don’t pay attention to boring things.


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