Circle Time: A TOS Crew Review

circletimelogoI had a chance to review Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day by Preschoolers and Peace (Kendra Fletcher), a start-up guide for planning and implementing a successful group school time in your home.  Moms who have multiple grades, a preschooler, a babe on the hip, and wonder how to keep the kids together and engaged will get the most from this 33 paged e-book.


Circle Time is the term the author coined to describe the time of togetherness she shares with her children before they start their day. She first used this time to gather her many children – from the babies to the older kids, to pray, sing hymns, and read the bible before they their day officially started.  Her Circle time expanded over time and mixed in more things such as poetry/scripture memorization, and read-a-louds.  The resources page link has a list of books and devotionals she has used over the years, academic options (I loved the biblical art site!), and more.

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As Kendra is a homechooling mom to eight, she is a good resource for large* families looking for ideas to keep the kids together for a special designated time every day.



The e-book has nine chapters to discuss how to plan your unique and peaceful time, and offers ideas/testimonies/resources to help. Circle Time is available for purchase as a PDF download for $4.99

e-bookI am miles away and years from the days of diapers, naps, and ABC’s, but I can relate to the concept of Circle Time.  Back in the day when my now three giant young men were smaller than me, we did many of the things Kendra suggests, and a few of our own favorite activities…

  • Lapbooking
  • Notebooking
  • Recitations
  • Storytime
  • Art projects
  • Scripture memory
  • Baking
  • Movie making

Present day I have one graduated, another graduating next year, and the youngest approaching high school.  We don’t call it circle time, just family time.  We do bible studies, eat dinner and engage in lively discussions, and whenever I have an interesting article or chapter from a book I read it aloud. Most recently, we were studying 25 Truths – another review I did for TOS.  And, although it is often slim pickins’, we love to watch a movie or a decent TV series from Netflix.


Having older kids and being on the small end of large, I didn’t glean much from this e-book, but that isn’t to say you won’t. You may be at the stage of homeschooling where you want to start some sort of circle time and need help pronto. Keep in mind It is only 33 pages, and several pages had only pictures or a half page of text.  I would have expected more for the purchase price.

My take-a-way point is simple: the family that grows together stays together.  That’s what I see in my boys – they are each other’s best friends.  They share experiences and memories that I believe have cemented their family bond.

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disclaimer TOS

*Reliable sources inform me that if you have more than the average 2.2 children, you are large.

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