Carnival of Homeschooling: In the clouds

A word-cloud is typographic artwork, generated by a computer algorythm, based upon a given text. The more times a word is in the text, the larger it appears. I created word clouds for some of the contributed posts to this week’s carnival of homeschooling. I used to create these but there are many other free services out there. A quick glance should give you the feel, then read the article to see if it resembles the graphic.

How to Make Sure Your Kid Has a Great PlaydateArianna presents How to Make Sure Your Kid Has a Great Playdate posted at Part Time Nanny.

In Are we having fun yet? Julie talks about the place of “fun” in homeschooling via A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief.

How To Tell Your Kids NO In A Loving WayJana presents How To Tell Your Kids NO In A Loving Way: posted at Wisdom-Ink Magazine.

Mystie shares Switching Key Habits in the Home & Homeschool: Cultivate a Growth Mindset: When we try to make changes in our homes and in ourselves, the resistance is often rooted in an assumption that life is supposed to be easy, so we refuse to do what will seem to make life harder. via Simply Convivial

Homeschooling without a SchoolroomMelissa is Schooling without a schoolroom: Contributing at the Homeschool Classroom, Melissa gives tips on how she schools her tribe without a designated school space. via The Cork Board

Shelby presents 20 Blogs Explaining How to Have a Successful School Picture Day posted at Blog.

Raising StarsBarbara explains Raising Stars: Some schools encourage kids to think of themselves as stars, but this writer disagrees. via Barbara Frank Online

Kelli presents 4 Apple School Day Fun and Teacher Gifts posted at 3 Boys And A Dog.

Annette says: Hey … Today Happpened What happened in a day of homeschooling when we worked hard to be kind to each other when low on sleep. via A Net In Time

Back to (Un)School

Rebecca goes Back to (Un)School! As unschoolers, the question of when we “start school” doesn’t have as easy an answer as an upcoming date on the calendar. It’s a bit more complex than that…and yet for us, delightfully simple.

Song for SafetySaron sings a Song for Safety I share the words to a lovely little song my daughter taught me when she was 4yrs old. She learnt it in playschool as part of the programme to help protect children. It’s fun, catchy, easy to learn and I still find myself humming it. But it tells our children an important message! via Reading-Writing-Learning

Janine discusses Compulsory Education: writing about her struggles with Compulsory Education. via Why Homeschool

Our own Kathy and Benny Swing, Drop, Swoop, Dot: Do The Cursive Dance: To teach cursive, or not to teach cursive. That is the question. via

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling. Be sure and contribute your own post for next week, and every week.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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  1. I love this! Nice job Gary, such great posts, I can’t wait to get reading and thank you for the time you put into creating such a visually stunning carnival.

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