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Learn or you’ll be made to learn.  That’s old school.  New school: unlock your potential.  Determine your strengths, discover your learning style, and unleash your talents.  For this TOS Crew Review of PeopleKeys, a company specializing in behavior analysis,  I had my twelve year old son take their online Student Strength’s Report. In less than thirty minutes he had fill out the eDISC profile assessment, and I had instant access to a thirty-four paged report that interpreted his answers to multiple behavior questions. This report logically explained how my son learns best, and reinforced how I can maximize his learning and guide his education by focusing on his strengths.

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This was easy to complete – with but little guidance from my husband or me, my son followed the clear directions provided in a userfriendly PDF, which took the user through a sample assessment step by step. Most of the questions were straightforward, Like What is your normal tone of voice? Rate from most to least in different areas. Results are immediately available after submission.  I received a 34 page report that summarized my youngest son’s strengths. It was fascinating to read.  My son (Will) was excited to hear what PeopleKeys had to say about him in these three areas they assess:

  • Personality style: Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Conscientious
  • Cognitive thinking: Literal, Intuitive, Theoretical, or Experiential
  • Perceptual learning:  Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic

The first thing he read was style: LEADER

willHe beamed.

It was like he was thinking, yeah, someone finally gets me.

After several years of trying many curriculums, various teaching methods, group classes, clubs, and online programs, we found nothing that appealed to him.  He rejected it all. We were sure the only option left for us was to send him to public school.  We couldn’t teach him at home and we worried that he was not learning. Maybe we were the cause?  At ten years old he declared he wouldn’t get on a bus, and if put in public school he would sit there and block out everyone and everything and simply refuse to do or learn anything.  We researched, prayed, and listened (thank God!) to our son and kept him home. He is a very bright boy, he just learns differently.  We went from eclectic, to relaxed, to unschooling, and now use a blended approach with his homeschool program. We chose to focusing on his interests and allow him to learn his way.

I wish I had known about PeopleKeys two years ago when we were struggling so terribly. This Student Strengths Report would have shed light on such critical aspects of our son’s personality and could have saved us money, time, and needless frustration.  You can’t force a child to fit a curriculum, or make him learn in a way that is not natural for him. We were pretty sure Will was an auditory learner, and PeopleKeys agreed.  The report offered tips for lectures, studying and test taking for his style of learning, such as:

Repeat things out loud, ask an instructor to (verbally) explain homework instructions in his own words, ask questions, sit near the front of the class, talk to yourself while problem solving, create songs of information, play an instrument while studying.


There is such a cache of information in this report and many suggestions to help our student seriously grow.  One especially helpful insight they provided were ideas on how to design the learning environment. We let Will choose his workspace, decide on furniture, lighting, noise level.  He loves having input in what and how he learns, and since we have been open and willing to bend, he has thrived.

learning by doing

I would encourage all homeschoolers to use an evaluation tool such as this Strengths Report.  I would expect this would be helpful for those in grades 6+.  PeopleKeys is generalized, and no one can be completely defined by an online assessment, but it is a tool you can use to…

Maximize Strengths; Minimize Weaknesses..It’s that simple. If you know where your thinking excels, you can capitalize on those aspects, use your mind to do what it enjoys doing most…Your mind has a distinctive skill set that it has sharpened over the years. Find out what that is, and use it. Once you pinpoint and appreciate your strengths and limits, you can minimize or maximize them in all types of learning situations.

Know Yourself. To know yourself sometimes requires that you stand outside of yourself and observe, objectively in a critical way. Your report has indicated that you prefer one thinking style. It is up to you to decide if it is “like” you or it is “not like you”. (From Student Strengths Report)

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