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Zondervan is a well recognized name in the Christian publishing industry. They have many different devotional bibles available, such as a Homeschool Mom’s Bible  which I received for this TOS crew review.  It is a hardcover edition containing the full bible text in the NIV translation, with a KJV version also available (both retail for $34.99).

homeschool mom's bible365 meditations/devotions each incorporating a scripture selection and a short concluding prayer are sprinkled from Genesis to Revelation.  No matter which book of the bible you wish to read, you will find a devotion, and be directed to the page of the next. Vicki Farris writes a motivating forward introducing Janet, this amazing mom with twenty-five years of homeschooling experience, as an unmet friend who knows the hearts of homeschooling moms

My husband and I have a tradition of starting our day together with a devotion. Devotions or meditations with select themes provide a starting point for further applications and discussions.  When it comes to daily bible reading, I flounder without direction. I have always been in awe of others who can combine their experiences and personal insights into scripture and somehow shower me with encouragement. In this bible specifically designed for the Homeschooling mom, Janet Tatmen understands homeschooling.  The joys, and delights as well as the doubts and trials. She gets it. And she’s honest. She elegantly weaves her knowledge of God’s word with her inspirational thoughts and empathetic stories, conveying a kindred spirit to the sisterhood of homeschool moms.

So many of Janet’s devotions resonated with me.  Like this excerpt from one entitled Fueling the Flame.

Sadly, sometimes homeschool parents’ passion to teach their child begin to fade.  The daily demands of caring for a household and the intense effort required drain even the most dedicated parent. When the homeschooling fire begins to die out, many may choose a half-hearted approach….Others may stop homeschooling…The wise homeschooling parent, however, will see the coals growing dim and find the fuel necessary to rekindle the flame of passion first given by God.

Beautiful. Timely. Inspirational.

My present day favorite bible is a lovely soft green leather one, its cover adorned with an pink elegant flower. I’ve had many others through my Christian life. It doesn’t matter if your cover is muddy brown, ripped, or absent.  What does matter is that you read what lies within.  The bible does you no good if it sits on your shelf camouflaged by other books and the piling mail. Your bible should be like your shoes.  An essential part of your wardrobe, that provides protection, comfort, and the support to walk painlessly through your busy days.


To read my bible with a daily meditation geared specifically for me – does it get any better than that? A bible designed especially for me? No one knows the ups and downs and inner thoughts we have but feel too ashamed to voice to anyone else but God.  Am I cut out for this?  Am I doing it right? Why do my kids fight with me about doing their work?  Surely none of my friends have a disheveled house with beds unmade, laundry heaped on the floor, toys strewn on the carpet, and the dining room table covered with curriculum and bottles of glue.  Ah, but they do.  I do.  Embrace your homeschool journey, and if you have doubts, feel discouraged or overwhelmed, go to God, and enlist the wisdom of others like Janet Tatmen. God’s word+ Janet Tatmen’s devotions=treasure trove.


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