I Might Not Send My Kids to College

The Huffington post has an interesting piece by Sarah Stewart Holland: I Might Not Send My Kids to College. Our own kids are reaching college age and yes, the potenital for life-crippling debt (for them, not us) is huge. See our 2 part post on Affording Homeschool to College

Recently, I was at dinner with a group of friends, several of whom were mothers. As is often the case, the conversation had turned to the education system. We were discussing testing and home schooling and teachers, when another friend — who does not yet have children — asked me a question that caught me off-guard: “Let me ask you a question. Will you tell your children they have to go to college?” My response surprised me almost as much as the question. I told her five, even two years ago, I would have said “absolutely.” I wouldn’t have hesitated. Yet, here I was hesitating and giving a different answer. “I don’t know.”

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