First day of homeschooling blues

How Our First Day of Homeschool Became My Own Lesson via

We recently had a really fun experience: The Land of Nod came out to set up a homeschool room in our home, then did a photo shoot of the room and us for their upcoming catalog. We’ve been planning this with them since the end of September, so we decided in the meantime to hold off on any “formal” homeschooling until then.

By formal I mean something I planned. We feel learning is an all day part of life.

After the room was finished and now that the holidays are over, I decided to start Bella where I would as a teacher with students her age. Since we are homeschooling, we don’t have to follow the Sept-May rule, or that you must turn a year older by October 1st for the grade. Bella is ready for Pre-K stuff and she is 4, never mind that it’s January.

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