Carnival of Homeschooling: Graduate Edition

Homeschooling has it’s seasons. We all knew when we started this journey that the goal was to someday graduate. We just graduated our second son here at the Davis home. One more to go. Certainly we have mixed feelings as we see our sons become more independent but there’s joy in knowing we were there and part of their lives every step of the way. Our own Kathy tells the story as we Graduate Number Two at ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother shares what she thinks is the main thing that all parents (not just homeschooling parents) should teach their kids : What a Parent Should Teach Deputy Headmistress tells of Life with mostly littles via The Common Room: “One day I had three children, ages 9, 7 (almost 8), and 2, and then the next day I had five, ages 9, 7, 5, 3, and 2.  All three of the youngest were in diapers.  How did I ‘do it all?’  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

alice in pool of tearsSo what was I was doing when my oldest was 9? I was trying to cope. I just functioned, one foot in front of another, one day at a time. I’ve told part of this story before.  I was treading water.

Bon says: “The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching” is Not So Good via Have you seen the list of 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching? Looks like there’re some problems with it!

Sharon presents Honoring Aunt Tucker posted at “The voice I heard when I woke from a dream this morning was my Aunt Tucker’s. Not actually her voice, but definitely her. I could not go back to sleep so instead I begin celebrating Aunt Tucker’s life. On this day when her body will be placed in a grave, her soul is dancing with the moon and her sister stars. She has already sent us small but distinct signs that she is loving us from her new home, from the place where she is light and ageless.”

Susan asks: College Prep Homeschooling: To Go or Not To Go via At Home and School. Should your child go to college? Maybe not. Here are three questions that may help make this decision.
Henry shares another perspective on homeschooling: My brother’s perspective on homeschooling at Why Homeschool
Cindy shares: A Nature Study Photography Project for Any Age at Our Journey Westward. This nature study project is motivating for kids who love nature study and kids who don’t!
Julie has some Electric Conductive Paint Projects via Homeschooling Ideas. 
Conductive ink is a cool new type of paint that makes for some fun electronics projects in your homeschooling.
Judy writes: Dear Mom and Dad: I’m Not Going To College posted at Consent Of The Governed. I wrote this article back in 2007 – and it is still relevant today. Many kids are delaying college because it is just too expensive and/or they need time to decide what it is they really want to do… and that’s ok!
Denise shares More Than One Way To Find the Center of a Circle posted at Let’s Play Math!. An old geometry puzzler for high school students: Pick one side of the debate, and try to find at least three different ways to prove your point.
Taylor tells us Why I Walked Out on God at HomeschoolingIRL What happens when a home schooled teen is told she isn’t trying hard enough at church? And what happens when she walks away from the God she thought she knew? Hope and encouragement for parents with struggling teens and young adults from homeschool grad, Taylor Nieman.
Annie offers Election Report Guidelines via Tea Time with Annie Kate.
Dave and Carol tell us about Money Myths Homeschool Moms Believe via HomeschoolCPA 
Do any of you, like me, have curriculum sitting on your shelf, that if you are honest with yourself, you will probably never use? I want to share some experiences I’ve learned about money and homeschooling in a podcast with guest Susan Raber.
An finally Kathy writes A Letter to my Husband: Where Our Dog Herds a Fawn and I Meet a Fräulein at This is a hilarious story of our dog’s spurious hunting efforts in our suburban neighborhood.
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